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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Upcoming reads

So, I'm not a huge reader but with college and doing 2 subjects this semester there's a lot more reading involved.

So I have decided to force myself to read book that will help me along my journey as a Christian and as a person.

In order

I am challenging myself to read a book every 2 weeks! I need to get into the swing of this again!!

What are some books you'd recommend that have helped you along your journey through life so far?

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lorna Jane Haul

Hello lovelies!
 Loooong time no blog. Well I'm back!

Today  I went to Lorna Jane and bought some new exercise gear for the gym :)
I got a crop top, singlet top & some new shorts.

I've been getting motivated lately to get fit and healthy. Part of my motivation is Lorna Jane's book: Move, Nourish, Believe also on the website theres a link to her Lorna Link which is a forum type thing where you can create a profile (all free) and talk to other Lorna Jane members and get tips, tricks and motivate each other.

I've popped a haul video on Youtube it you wanna check it here

Here is the link to Lorna Jane  and here  is the link to Lorna Link