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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Daily Devotional 25th July

July 25th Devotional

Daily Devotionals ---July 24th

Hi guys,

I thought I would put up a pic of what the devotional says :)

July 24th

College inspirations

  I went to college today just to get a bit of a feel for where everything is so i know where to go on wednesday for my 1st lot of classes :)

I walked in to the bathroom and someone had posted some quotes on the mirrors & doors & i thought they were very inspiring & beautiful :)

here are some pics of just a few that were there :)

Daily Devotional

Hi guys,

I've decided to start a mini series on my YouTube channel  which is readings from a Daily Devotional.
The book is call Your Best Life Begins Each Morning by Joel Osteen.

I am starting it from today, 24 Juy 2011. Hopefully it will help some people in someway. I know it had helped me greatly in times of need.

College Haul

Hi everyone :)

     So i start college in a couple  days time. I went to 2 of my fave stores to help me get set up for college.

I bought three A4 books, two A3 books, 2 stamps & a beautiful bag to carry it all in.

The stationary is from TYPO  and the bag is from Forever New