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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inspiration.....take 2

Hey guys,

So the other day I wrote a post using my iPhone blog app & i thought it posted it but apparently not :( so...I'm going to try and re-type it :)

I've been feeling really inspired by the people around me lately :) my bestie is losing weight and getting into a great routine of excersize :) it's really good to see her so dirterminand.. Hehe it makes me realize that I really need to start excersizing more and eating healthier. So I've decided to try a detox diet, all healthy food and only teas, no coffee, which will be really hard coz I've just finished up work in the CBD where i'd have a coffee everyday at work.

Other inspirations have been these two lovely girls I'm following on Twitter & YouTube who d blogs & Vlogs of all things beauty and fashion :) Elle & Blair Fowler. They've inspired me to start blogging more and I'm going to (once I sort my room out) is do a Vlog. Am thinking a "What's in my bag" video to start with :)
If you want to check them out they have a new site:

Oh the other thing that I've been inspired about is starting uni :) I want to do a of Social Studies, majoring in Chapliancy :) for those who dint know a Chaplin in the christian, kinda, counsellor usually found in high schools :)
Anyway point is, I watched Elle Fowlers Vlog on "What's in. My back to school bag" and it got me mega excited to start stationary shopping for uni :)

Sorry this had turned into an epically long blog, I think Ive covered everything that was in the one that didnt work.

Hope you all have a good day/night

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