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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hairsprays & Books

Hey all

So i recieved some colored hairsprays tpday that have my face on the label :) there is also a book out that has my photo on it from the same shoot.

The Hairspray is by MarcDaniels & the book is called Good GREEK Girls Don't..... by Georgia Tsialtas

I mentioned in my Vlog on YouTube that there are posters in salons  from the same shoot & that I'd put up some other pics from the same shoot :)
Please keep in mind that I signed a release form so I'm not getting paid for any of this
I'm just excited that my pics are being used :)

These are the actual colors that were in my hair on the day

The shot thats on Good GREEK Girls Don't....

This is my Fave :)

Hope you're all well :)


  1. That's really cool!!! You look great in the photos too!

  2. AHH! I LOVE YOUR HAIR the cut and the color!! I always envy people who pulls off that look since my hair isn't straight enough ): hahaha Is it from the hairspray?

  3. :) thanks. Nah I had it colored by a hairdresser and then some of the shots were photoshopped different colors

  4. The color looks soo good in you hairr!

  5. Those pics look great! I love MD products (they make my favourite shampoo and the best scented heat protecter as some to note).