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Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogs & Vlogs

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd mention I've been really getting into reading blogs, watching Vlogs (video blogs), Twitter and Daily Booth.

Especially getting more into twitter and Vlogs and 2 chicks who have been an inspiration to me lately are Imogen from Foxylocks Extentions and Blair Fowler.

These girls both have YouTube chanels and blog sites and I love reading about the new products they're trying out and the hair and make up tutorials :)

Imogens hair tutorials have really helped my lately with getting some new styles happening and both Blair & Imogens makeup tutorials have helped me find a more glam everyday look :)

Check them out
Blair YouTube:

Imogen YouTube:

Imogen's blog:

Like I said these girls have helped my find a new look throguh these Vlogs :) and have also helped my find more confidence within myself :)


  1. Hi Jem,
    I found your blog through the Elle and Blair site the other day.
    I think its great. Just thought I'd say so :)
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Hey Hun thank you so much :) hope ur well :)